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Guatemala Stone Head

Guatemala Stone Head
Guatemala Stone Head


Guatemala’s incapable forest hides one of the most mysterious artifacts on earth that has been experienced by Mayan tribes since ancient times. Here, in the middle of the luxurious darkness of exotic trees, there is a giant sandstone sculpture discovered by researchers in the 30th century. At first glance, the impressive dimension looks unusual and reminds me of the sculpture of some ancient goddess. But it is not.

The facial features of the statue are strikingly different from the Maya classic look. The statue is very different from the stone sculptures found in the territory near Guatemala. Extensive research proved that the area where the sculpture was discovered never occurred. What’s more, the statue is much older than Maya’s nearby sculpture.



Researchers do not have a sculptural uniform version. Some people think that the head may be the face of extraterrestrial existence. The alternative to this version is based on the assumption that the mosque may have been created by the ancient peoples of Guatemala’s forest before Mayan civilization. A few years after discovering the unique monument, its location was introduced to the public. The units used the stone head as a target, so the unique monument was almost completely destroyed.