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Bure Gold Beer Kit

Woodforde’s Bure Gold

Harmonization of British Golden Ale and American Hops

The Bure Gold beer kit is faithfully converted to the original beer kit of the well-known British boutique brewery Woodforde. Named after the Bure River near the brewery, this golden ale-style beer brings a fresh breath to the classic style with added American hops.

In Gold-colored Bure Gold, the sweetness from lightly roasted malt meets a pronounced bitterness of hops. A small amount of cold added Cascade and Amarillo hops add citrus and flower notes to the finish. Bure Gold, suitable for producing 46 bottles (23 liters) of beer with a 4.3% alcohol content and high bitterness, should be served at a low gas (like 8 – 12 ° C) but less gasy than other cellar beers.

Bure Gold Beer Kit

Produced by Muntons in the UK, faithful to the original recipe and under the supervision of Woodforde, the Bure Gold beer kit must be made without adding sugar since it contains 3 kilograms of liquid malt extract, unlike our other kits. Unlike other Woodforde kits, this kit contains Cascade and Amarillo varieties of hops 2 – 3 days before bottling, you can give the beer an aroma and taste of fresh hops without increasing the bitterness.

As in our other kits with the addition of hops by cold addition, we recommend that you drink this beer as much as possible and preferably 2 – 3 months after bottling this beer in order to experience the fresh aromas better. Over time, the aromas of hops in the bottle will decrease.

Bure Gold Beer Kit

Kit Contents:

This kit will allow you to make 46 bottles (23 liters) of beer:

Malt Extract

Herbal barley malt extract in 3 kg metal package


Cascade hops in 10 g foil packaging
Amarillo hops in 10 g foil packaging

Brewer’s yeast

Muntons Premium ale brewer’s yeast in 6 g foil package

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